Lessons Learned: Life-Altering Experiences of Incarceration

Lessons Learned

Kenneth Gourlay has a 2020 book exploring some of the most impactful experiences of his time behind bars. The book is titled Lessons Learned: Life-Altering Experiences of Incarceration.

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The book is also available for purchase on Amazon as a print book or Kindle ebook, as well as several other online retailers.

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Wisdom about Lessons Learned

I recently started to play around with a new social media platform called Wisdom App. One thing I am doing is talking about the topics in my Lessons Learned book, one chapter at a time. Here’s what I’ve got so far:


3 responses to “Lessons Learned”

  1. D. A. Avatar
    D. A.

    Hey there Ken — My oh my — your book got in here yesterday and I find it hard to put down! My goodness, you have entered a world I do not know — like some sort of Marco Polo bringing back tales of what it is like there. After 83 years of life, it’s time I knew what was happening Inside. I have driven past that big fortified place in Jackson often — going to yoga classes. Those of us on the outside can remain so ignorant.
    Each in our time is given the challenges and hurdles to jump that will be the making of us. It is simply perfect that your bright mind sifted through your jail-time experiences and pulled out the lessons we all need and then wrote so that we could learn them with you.

  2. T Avatar

    Recently read your book. Justin was one of my best friends since grade school, he talked about your case with me many times before he passed away. Interesting read from the other perspective.

    1. Ken Avatar

      T, I’m so glad you were able to read it. While it was not my goal to write about Justin or the case, I had to wrestle with those issues in order to understand the appropriate context for my subsequent experience. Like so many stories of criminal justice, it seems like there were no winners. We all lost something to the system.

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