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  • New Project: Building a Canoe

    New Project: Building a Canoe

    After finishing the launch of my podcast and my book, I felt like I could relax for a bit. It was almost a month before school starts, and I was feeling pretty good. Then a voice in my head said, “Hey! You have free time! Let’s do stuff!” So I thought about what I might […]

  • A boycott of one

    I try to be a conscientious shopper. I know that my little bit of capital doesn’t make a company rich, but I also know that I’m not the only person out there who cares where their money goes. Together we most certainly can get the attention of businesses and let them know that we want […]

  • First post at Unspeakable Vice

    I just posted the first episode (well, the 0th episode) of The Unspeakable Vice Podcast. Check it out!

  • The Unspeakable Vice Podcast is in development!

    So it’s official. I’m launching a podcast, and it’s called Unspeakable Vice. In it we are going to talk about the difficulties we have talking about sex. In other words, we’ll be talking about talking about sex. I just created a website for the podcast, so bookmark it and follow me on social media so […]

  • Recent Projects

    So far during this time of relative isolation, I have been working on my book. Last week I finished my first draft and submitted it to a publisher for review. This might be an anticlimactic milestone, but it is a milestone nonetheless. It feels like I accomplished something significant. I’ll give you more information as […]