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  • Building a Powerboat

    Building a Powerboat

    After building a cedar strip canoe in 2020 and enjoying it in 2021, I realized I wanted to build another boat. According to my design specifications, it had to be electric powered, fast, classy, and fit in the back of my car. After some long hours with Google, I came to love the lines of […]

  • New Apple HomePod in 2023

    New Apple HomePod in 2023

    About a year ago my friend purchased a pair of HomePod Minis, looking for an upgrade to the audio in her office. Not really knowing what she was buying, she ended up with some actually pretty cool smart speakers. Cool enough, in fact that she decided that she’d get even better use out of the […]

  • Autumn on the River: A Photo Essay

    Autumn on the River: A Photo Essay

    A few days ago I made time for a little paddle on the river. It’s late in the season and I was nearly the only person on the water. It was still warm enough to be very pleasant, but the leaves have started changing colors. Possibly my favorite visual was the colored leaves floating down […]

  • Comments About My Canoe

    Comments About My Canoe

    One of the pleasures of taking my wooden strip canoe out on the river is hearing the comments, compliments, and exclamations of others when they see this beautiful boat. Here are some of my favorites. Nice boat! OK so this isn’t necessarily a favorite, but it’s by far the most common. Did you make it […]

  • Dreams of Another Boat

    Dreams of Another Boat

    Ever since I built my canoe, I’ve had dreams of building another. The question was not whether I would build another boat, it was when and what design. I love my canoe, and I love the fact that it’s a solo canoe. But if I had my way, I would add a larger version to […]

  • Time for Another Paddle

    Time for Another Paddle

    Some time ago I experimented with some scrap wood and an unusual (at least for Americans) paddle design. It’s an otter tail paddle, which I was told is great for quiet, delicate maneuvering in still water. In other words, if you want to sneak up on something, use an otter tail paddle. As it happens, […]