I am In the Fediverse!

best hallway friends by jessevaughan

I have been playing around with Mastodon for a while and am starting to appreciate the Fediverse more and more. I was just recently informed about a WordPress plugin that implements ActivityPub, opening a number of additional distribution channels for my blog!

I’ve always liked having my own website. There’s an undervalued clout to using my own domain name, instead of something associated with some big corporation. And as more stuff comes out about how harmful social media is, or how irresponsible and downright abusive certain tech giants are, it becomes increasingly clear that embracing the original values of the Internet—distributed control, built-in resiliency—is critical for the future of the net.

I would love for you to follow me (see below, although don’t expect much—I only post a few times a year). Even more, I would love for you to get yourself connected into the Fediverse, the IndieWeb, or whatever variation makes sense for you!

best hallway friends” by jessevaughan is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 .


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