Kenneth Gourlay

Student, Activist, Technologist.

Kenneth Gourlay

Kenneth Gourlay is a student, activist, and technologist. He considers himself to be a pragmatic idealist, imagining what the world could be and finding reasonable steps in that direction. Having formerly been incarcerated, his life experience informs a unique perspective and a particular determination to see the world a better, interconnected, more loving place.

Kenneth's Recent Projects

Lessons Learned

Kenneth Gourlay has a 2020 book exploring some of the most impactful experiences of his time behind bars. The book... Read More "Lessons Learned"

Unspeakable Vice

Yes, I have a podcast. The Unspeakable Vice Podcast! The "unspeakable vice" is that unfathomably horrid, shocking, and undignified thing... Read More "Unspeakable Vice"