Kenneth Gourlay is a student, activist, and technologist. He considers himself to be a pragmatic idealist, imagining what the world could be and finding reasonable steps in that direction. Having formerly been incarcerated, his life experience informs a unique perspective and a particular determination to see the world a better, interconnected, more loving place.

Kenneth’s Recent Projects

  • The Unspeakable Vice Podcast
    Here we talk about talking about sex. This meta-conversation looks at why sex is so taboo in polite conversation, what damage is done by our failure to be open about sex and sexuality, and ways we can learn to overcome these restrictions and heal the harm from sexual shame and repression.
  • Lessons Learned: Life-Altering Experiences of Incarceration
    His first book project, this memoir/self-help book looks at defining moments in his experience with the criminal justice system and how they can be used to help define a more positive, secure, and compassionate worldview. Available August 1, 2020!

Kenneth’s Collaborations

Kenneth Gourlay is a member of Friends of Restorative Justice (FORJ), a group of people from Washtenaw County and surrounding areas who are working together to bring restorative justice to our community. The group is creating a series of short videos about restorative justice to spread information and start a conversation about how it can be used. Visit the YouTube playlist for the most recent videos.

Kenneth Gourlay consults with Art & Element, a local small business by artist Cherie Haney. He provides technical support and social media marketing expertise.

Kenneth is collaborating with Genevieve Gourlay Leal to market clean craft wines, available directly to your door, through Scout & Cellar.