Pauline Gourlay, 1919-2020

Pauline Gourlay died on October 14, 2020 in Dearborn, Michigan at the age of 100. She was born Pelagia Bogush in Detroit on November 8, 1919 to John Bogush and Paraskievia Labaz Bogush. She was the fifth of six children, and she died as the last remaining sibling. In a family that immigrated to the… Continue reading Pauline Gourlay, 1919-2020

Stripping My Canoe

Day Three To be honest I’ve lost track of the days, but think of them as phases and a gauge of how long things took. The inner stems dried and cured overnight, then I installed them (form and all) onto the strongback. I used a saber saw and an angle grinder to shape the stems… Continue reading Stripping My Canoe

A boycott of one

I try to be a conscientious shopper. I know that my little bit of capital doesn’t make a company rich, but I also know that I’m not the only person out there who cares where their money goes. Together we most certainly can get the attention of businesses and let them know that we want… Continue reading A boycott of one

Recent Projects

So far during this time of relative isolation, I have been working on my book. Last week I finished my first draft and submitted it to a publisher for review. This might be an anticlimactic milestone, but it is a milestone nonetheless. It feels like I accomplished something significant. I’ll give you more information as… Continue reading Recent Projects