• My New Digital Business Card from Popl

    My New Digital Business Card from Popl

    I have always been interested in innovative and unique business cards. When I meet someone and exchange contacts with them, I always want to leave an impression. Having a card that stands out is a great way to have someone remember you. I’ve seen cards made of wood or metal. Those are fantastic. Even with […]

  • Major Snowstorm Today

  • What is Bayesian Statistics?

    In my study of the social sciences, statistics and statistical analyses come up frequently. These methods provide a way to make inferences based on observations. Most often in the social sciences, we want to observe a smaller group (a sample) in order to make inferences or predictions about a larger group (a population). As you […]

  • The Significance of Halloween

    The Significance of Halloween

    Most years I try to ignore Halloween. I’m not a big fan of dressing up in costumes, going to parties, or any of the other nonsense that comes with the modern secular version of this holiday. Not to mention my relatively new status as an outcast has particularly strong overtones with this holiday for some […]

  • Face Masks and the Color Red

    Face Masks and the Color Red

    Wayne State University Humanities Center Brown Bag Colloquium Series Presents Zachary Brewster and Kenneth Gourlay Wednesday, October 13, 2021, two members of the Sociology Department will be presenting results from two survey experiments they fielded last spring. Face Masks and the Color Red: Restaurant Tipping Behaviors During the Pandemic Poster used to advertise the event […]

  • My Canoe Needs a Paddle

    My Canoe Needs a Paddle

    After canoeing around for a couple seasons, I’ve gotten pretty good at piloting my little boat with a standard canoe paddle. However, the designer of my single-man canoe highly recommends a double-ended canoe paddle. I decided I might as well give this a try. I tried a kayak paddle once or twice. It never quite […]