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wooden cedar strip canoe on the shore of a river

One of the pleasures of taking my wooden strip canoe out on the river is hearing the comments, compliments, and exclamations of others when they see this beautiful boat. Here are some of my favorites.

Nice boat!

OK so this isn’t necessarily a favorite, but it’s by far the most common.

Did you make it yourself?

This one very often follows the first. It can get repetitive, but I’ve come to expect it. Then there’s the “nice work!” or “Wow, how long did it take? What kind of wood is it? How did you finish it? ….”

Is that a Wee Lassie?

Why yes, comrade! Yes it is! After a long conversation (at least it felt long with the boat propped on my head for the duration), I realized that mine is not the only boat of this design in town. She has a sister!

Oh my GAWD! Is that REAL WOOD???

a woman in a tube who I presume had been enjoying an ample supply of beverages. She managed to stay afloat, though, despite her disbelieving gawk.

Woah, is that wood?

a child. I can forgive this one since wooden boats are a rare sight, especially in the wild. This may have been the first one they saw!

[Don’t worry.] He’s in control.

from one to another of two boys swimming in the rapids, after the other appeared concerned that I was headed toward them. The speaker reassured his friend, suggesting, “There’s no need to worry, he won’t hit us. He knows what he’s doing.” He was not wrong—after all, I had a paddle—but I also knew that the boys were in a high-traffic area with lots of boats. They probably should have moved regardless.

Sorry, I was distracted by the woodgrain.

a young man, apologizing for staring. It was not clear to me whether he was apologizing to me or to his girlfriend sitting next to him. Awkwardness aside, it’s nothing to be sorry about, my friend!

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  1. If anyone would be “distracted by the wood grain” this would be why!

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