My New Digital Business Card from Popl

closeup of my popl custom business card

I have always been interested in innovative and unique business cards. When I meet someone and exchange contacts with them, I always want to leave an impression. Having a card that stands out is a great way to have someone remember you.

I’ve seen cards made of wood or metal. Those are fantastic. Even with paper cards, a unique design can go a long way. In the past I’ve had minimalist cards and I’ve had cards with full-color glossy images. Both stood out nicely. But now, with so much being done electronically, having a paper card seems unnecessary, wasteful, and even awkward.

Enter the digital business card. Vcards (those files that import easily into your electronic address book) have been around seemingly forever, and while they are useful, they have always been a little awkward to exchange. I’m not sure why. It seems like the potential is there, but the implementation was never quite ideal. Maybe it’s that there was always one or two too many steps in getting the right information from one place to another.

So I found a great option that marries the physical card with the electronic card in an incredibly frictionless execution that is innovative in its own right, and it can be a memorable and effective way to exchange information. What I got was a Popl digital business card. It is a physical card, but I only need one of them because instead of giving someone a paper card that they will probably just thow away, I tap it on their phone to electronically send them my contact information.

closeup of my popl custom business card
Here is my customized Popl Digital Business Card. It lets me exchange information electronically just by tapping on a smart phone; and it also has a slick, minimalist style that I love.

The card uses NFC technology to “pop” a digital profile to pretty much any modern smart phone. There is a QR code on the back of the card as well, in case NFC isn’t available. And, of course, if I’m not in person, there’s a short URL I can share with the same results. The recipient is able to see my profile, tap a single button to save it to their address book, and optionally exchange information with me.

There are several companies that offer NFC-enabled cards like this. And while the physical cards themselves are part of the equation, the software is also important. I am very pleased with the way Popl created their app and makes it very easy to exchange information with other people. The app keeps track of who, when, and where I meet contacts, and it is very easy to keep my profile up to date with exactly the information I want to share. My favorite feature is “Lead Capture” mode which immediately invites people to share their contact with me when they get my info. Another option, if you want to bypass the Popl profile entirely, is “Direct” mode which sends someone to a web page of your choice when you pop. Recipients don’t need the app to make full use of my info, but if they do have the app then they can easily pop their profile back to me without having to go through any other work to exchange info.

Popl has a number of other products besides the business card format (which actually looks more like a credit card). They offer keychains, wrist bands, phone cases, and little pucks you can stick anywhere, all with the same NFC technology.

I don’t meet a lot of people in person these days, so it seems like a chore to carry around old fashioned business cards anymore. Now I only need one card, and I’m ready to make an impression with any potential contact!

I was so impressed with Popl that I joined their ambassador program. This means that I might get a small commission if you click on one of the links in this article, but I only signed up because I think they are offering something really great. Take a look for yourself. If you aren’t convinced, you can download the app and create a profile for free. Then you can decide to buy a Popl later if you decide that it’s worth it. Oh, one more thing! You get a 20% discount when you use one of my links here, or by using the discount code KENNETHGOURLAY. You’re welcome!


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